About Jenah

Thank you for clicking your way over to learn a bit about me, and Still Stories Photography!

I’m Jenah. I am a photographer specializing in weddings, families, and high school seniors. My goal is to show the beauty, strength, grace, and enthusiasm in people, bringing images to life.

My approach is so much more than just taking an image.  It’s a way of capturing who you are as a person, and telling your story.  

Over the past 5 years I have had the honor of telling the stories of many people throughout Buffalo and Western New York, turning clients into friends.  

I live and breathe photography.  I never get tired of capturing a family's love or hearing the laughs of children after I ask them to do a silly pose, or the beautiful responses I receive when clients have seen their images.

It’s important that my style speaks to you and you can envision yourself in my photos. However, it’s also a big deal to connect with your photographer, since they will be by your side throughout the planning process, and during your entire session. Take the time to get to know me by writing an email and following me on Instagram. You will get a good sense of who I am and if we’re right for each other.  In the meantime here is a list of my favorite things in life:

1. Traveling. - Any opportunity I get. I am on my way, camera in hand.

2. 90’s music. - I jam to it on the daily while editing clients’ sessions.

3. My fur baby Ellie. - She’s a curious, lovable Goldendoodle

4. Camping. - When I am not at a session or shooting a wedding during the summer, you can find me in the great outdoors with family.

5. Disney. - I believe you are never to old to love Disney, and I am a sucker for Eeyore.

6. Fashionista. - I’m always trying to stay up to date with the latest trends, yet make them my own. Love brainstorming outfit ideas for upcoming clients!

7. DIY fanatic. - A handmade craft, or piece of decor means so much more to me. Pinterest is a wonderful thing!

8. A good book. - Cuddled up in a warm blanket on a cold or rainy day, that calls for a good book!

9. Movie Junkie. - I can love a mushy romance film, or an action-filled suspense. Anything and everything!

10. Light Chaser. - The Golden Hour is my time to chase all the gorgeous light the sun has to offer, and my clients know how excited I get from amazing light!

I hope that one day soon I will be able to bring my love for photography into your home for it to fill you with precious, captured memories that will last a lifetime.

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Let me help "tell your story" and thanks for stopping by!